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eenamaria founder Sarah Morgan gives tips on how to find quality handbags when shopping at the store. Learn what to look for so you buy a long-lasting bag.

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<p>Jill Scott: I'm Jill Scott. We all know women love their handbags. But, when shopping, most of us just look for style. But, you need to test for quality as well. Even bags with a high price tags aren't necessarily high quality.</p> <p>Sarah Morgan: Price tag does not mean a thing. It tells you that this bag has been branded and marketing to make you believe that when you buy it, you're buying something that gives you more value. But, the reality is, a bag needs to fulfill the functions and needs of your daily life and that is not about price.</p> <p>Jill Scott: To see if a bag is built to last, you need to put it to the test. So, we caught up with handbag designer Sarah Morgan of eenamaria and her showroom at LaGuardia's Design New York studio. And she had some tips on what you can do at the store. She says, first, check out it's construction. It's their trimming that gives it extra strength and structure. Can it carry the weight of what's inside? Tug at the attachment to make sure they're secure. And also, check the hardware.</p> <p>Sarah Morgan: You want to make sure that the ring does not have an opening because that's going to unleash the strap. You also want to make sure that the studs do not pop off and this is a common issue with even the very expensive bags because they're put on this pressure, but it can quite easily come out unless they've been properly made and of the right metal.</p> <p>Jill Scott: Also, check the zipper pull. It's best if it's made of metal and it should slide easily. If there's a buckle, it should be solid with little room for parts to move around. If not with hardware, see how the straps are attached. Here, we see criss-cross as well as square stitching, plus a seam along the bottom.</p> <p>Woman: Now, every woman has that bag that's just a bottomless pit filled with junk that can never be found. When you're shopping for a bag, look for functionality. Try and find something that fits your lifestyle; the different pockets, or different hooks, anything that makes it easy to use, because no matter how sophisticated the bag, it's not really going to look so sophisticated when you have to dump it out to find everything.</p> <p>Jill Scott: And while you're evaluating the inside, take a look at the lining.</p> <p>Sarah Morgan: You want to make sure that there are no frayed edges, or raw edges and sometimes, they sneak that in where you may not be able to see it immediately. So, check for it because if that happens, you're going to find that it will fall apart a lot faster.</p> <p>Jill Scott: So, no matter how much a bag costs, first, put it to the test before you let it's looks pull at your purse strand. In Queens, Jill Scott, New York 1.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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