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Learn about the features of the Case Logic SLRC camera bags - innovative camera bags with stable, impact-protective, and waterproof bottoms.

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<p>This line of products offers a lot of readeeplly&nbsp;innovative features to protect your investment you've made. Your SLR camera euipment or your high-end camcorders &amp; digital still cameras.</p> <p>The most noticable thing about the SLRC is this moulded EVA base. This, this&nbsp;base is a moulded construction, it's, it's like a 2"&nbsp;<em> </em>bathtub construction on the bottom of this camera bag. It's very visibly impact protected, its very stable, great protection from impact. What's not quite as intuitive is the fact that this base is totally waterproof. Because its moulded it does'nt have any seams or cut &amp; sow construction on the bottom of the bag. You can set this bag in a wet puddle, on a grassy soccer field, or anywhere else outdoors &amp; it will be totally protected from any moisture that might&nbsp;come up through the bags. Unlike other bags that have seams somewhere on the lower surface.</p> <p>Also for impact protection in this line combined with the EVA base, is what we call our "camera hammock". This is a neo-prine stretchy suspension structure that, that&nbsp;receives the SLR camera. The lens inserts inside the hole &amp; it keeps the camera suspended &amp; protected also keeps it up at the top of the case for real easy each.</p> <p>This case when drop-tested, the culmination of that hammock &amp; that moulded base offered anywhere from 16-25 times the impact protection of competitive cases out in the marketplace.</p> <p>Another way we protect your camera gear is by segregating the acess. So rather than opening one big zipper exposing all of your gear to the elements, we are going after&nbsp;most frequently is just the camera where the lens' attached. When you get the camera you're not exposing the rest of your gear. But still at easy reach, are these end pockets that expand toward the inside of the case to really hold pretty large accessories. Here's a good size zoom lens, store a flash &amp; other lens, chargers whatever you want on the other side lots of storage around this bag.</p> <p>These same features are carried through a much broader line in a lot of ways. Even the smallest cases like this SLR camera holster has this moulded bottom which for a holster makes it very very stable. As well as those protective elements from moisture &amp; impact. The same moulded EVA base is on this&nbsp;larger backpacks; a water-proof zipper around the camera compartment at the top that keeps just the camera at easy reach &amp; keeps it suspended in the neo-prine camera hammock.</p> <p>Underneath in this bag, &amp; in this larger case, storage for lots of lenses, flash accessories&nbsp;you can organize it however you want.</p> <p>This largest backpack holds your laptop as well. Any 15 for 16" will fit in this case. You have asymmetrical sling design which offers very&nbsp;fast access to the camera &amp; a few key accessories.</p> <p>&nbsp;Then we have camcorder cases, &amp; digital still-camera cases that all offer the very rugged balistic nylon&nbsp;materials, the moulded EVA bases for stability &amp; moisture protection.</p> <p>The SLRC from Case Logic.</p>
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