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Video demonstration of the CODI Phantom CT3 laptop bag including benefits, features, and where to buy.

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Hi I'm Ruth Nichols, & if you're like me, you're a road warrior. You spend a lot of time in the airport, & you know what a hassle it can be getting through the security checkpoint. Well we recently receive some great news. The TSA is trying to help us travellers ease the way to get through thje security checkpoint.

CODi, my company, we were happy to announce that we've been able to come up with a checkpoint friendly case with 3 basic steps that's gonna ease you through that checkpoint lane. We wanna introduce CODi's new checkpoint tested, CT3.

Up until recently, the TSA required you remove your computer from your computer-carrying case before moving through the security checkpoint line. The great news, is that with the new CODi case; you're actually going to, be able to insert your laptop into a designated compartment on the back of our case, there will be a label to show you exactly how to load the case, & it's very important that you pack nothing else in this compartment with your laptop.

You're gonna need to insert your laptop with the battery side down & the hinge down for proper viewing by the screener. Once you zip-up the case, you're now ready to go ahead & move through the checkpoint lane which is easy as 1-2-3. 

Unclip the sides, when you get to the security checkpoint, open it up with our butterfly design, once you pass through the security checkpoint you simply need one hand to lift the case. The momentum of the case secures the case back into its place, & your other hand is free to pick up your shoes or accessories.

Current CODi customers have come to trust CODi to provide a lifetime warranty, only use the best materials that provide comfort, ease of use & protection. And now they can look forward to making their travel through the security checkpoint as easy as 1-2-3. And you're ready to go, if your plane's not late.

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