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Interview with Ricky Schlesinger, EVP of Eagle Creek. Find out why Eagle Creek products are high quality. See how Eagle Creek ensures that quality level.

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My name is Ricky Schlesinger, I am the, officially the Executive Vice-President of Eagle Creek.

Quality is inherent in outdoor equipment. And that hallmark could place it, that whole lifestyle is really about very durable functional gear. And then if you take that over, that point of view over to the traveller. The traveller's got big concerns about realibility, durability also.

So this is the return-repair department, RMA.This is where all customers send back products. We have a lifetime warranty in every single product we make. We Ship over 2 million products a year. And we get back less than 1% of them. What the public wants to know is will this bag hold up, will it last.

This is our version of the Maytag repairman, the guy that's totally lonely because it never breaks down. We have 3 people, 4 people working through product that we've been shipping for 15 years. So its pretty insignificant. This backpack I could tell from the back of it is probably circa 1985, '86 something like that. Right, and it's still coming back for repair. And you know this guy would rather have his pack repaired than get a new one. People just get attached to their products.

Y'know we have a lot of pride in our workmanship. And, so we pick the best materials, we are crazy about construction, techniques & making sure that it's a highly durable product.

This is Dr. Danny Cockran & Dr. Melissa Koh, and they are critical people in charge of making sure that our product quality is topnotch. We do everything we can to improve the quality & functionality of the bag & we think that's the underpinning of the brand. We need to know how strong these guys are before we put them on our product.

You get a lot of insight with things like this as to what's gonna happen on your luggage 50,000 miles, a 100,000 miles, 14 trips into this deal.

" Okay, here we go..." Look out.

This basically, is a tester of what luggage is gonna go through when you check it on a plane trip after trip.

That hurts.

We designed this piece because we put the product in there and tested it. So quality is really critical. I think its critical to the traveller, its critical to us. Its probably one of the greatest sources of pride we have in our business is that we feel like we made the best backpack in the world.

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