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Video demonstration of the eBags Universal Plug Adapter with USB. Learn how to use this plug adapter for international travel and charging your devices via USB.


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We are very proud to offer the eBags Universal Adaptor Kit with the USB Charging Module.

One of the biggest hassles traveling  internationally is knowing which electrical devices you can bring, if you'll be able to charge them and what adaptors you'll need to plug them in.

The adaptor kit is a mechanical device that allows you to plug in accessories in over 150 countries. It is not a voltage converter. Think of it as allowing you to plug a square peg into a round hole.

The first thing you need to do is look at whatever device you'll be traveling with and look for specifications that identify the voltage range. If you see data like "Input: A/C 100-240 Volt," you'll only need this adaptor. Otherwise, you will also need a transformer.

The adaptor comes in a drawstring nylon travel bag making it easy to spot in your luggage. The USB charging module stores in the bottom of the case.

To extend the slide out plug that matches your destination,  press the side release button, then slide one of the four plugs out. It will lock in place. Plug it into the wall plug. Then, plug in your device. To retract the plug, press the release button again and slide the plug back.

A lot of accessories like cell phones, digital cameras and iPods can be charged using their USB plug. If you travel with these items, you can leave the assorted A/C adaptors at home and just travel with the USB cord.

To switch the adaptor over to it's USB charging mode, press the side release button and remove the socket head. Carefully align the two pins and press in until the release button locks. The socket head can be stored in the bottom of the travel back. It has a die cut foam bottom and protects the two pins from damage.

Plug in the USB cable. Then, follow the same steps to plug the adaptor into the wall. The USB charging module is compatible with all USB devices that charge at five volts.

That's all there is to it. One adaptor, over 150 different countries. You'll always have the one you need by chosing the eBags Universal Plug Adaptor Kit.







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