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<p>This is the Mother Lode TLS Mini. It's a wheeled duffel that is perfect for anybody that wants to travel on a plane and know that it's going to fit in the overhead compartment.</p> <p>The first features I'd like to talk about are the outside handles on the bag. There's a self-retracting top lift handle. And then we have two well placed handles on the out of the trunk of your car or up into the overhead compartment on the plane.</p> <p>The Mother Load TLS series is built with really beautiful, high tenacity fabric that comes in a lot of colors.</p> <p>One of my favorite features on this back is the fore head pocket; unzips, perfect place for gloves, hats, anything that you need quick access to; two sliders, lockable, good for security.</p> <p>On the face of the bag, there's a zippered pocket; perfect for boarding passes, your itinerary, any other papers that you want to keep with you.</p> <p>Also on the front, is a double zip opening into the main compartment. We have a zippered mesh pocket on the face; great place for just small items for convenience.</p> <p>Going inside, we have the single, large upper compartment with tie tape. We like to use an orange lining on all of our bags. It is bright, easy to find small things on the interior and it's fun. Travel should be fun.</p> <p>Instead of needing to hang a luggage tag off your duffel, the TLS comes with a built in ID pocket on the side of the bag with a privacy mesh window.</p> <p>A key feature on the TLS series is that all of the zippers are lockable. We use double sliders and we even have D rings in strategic locations to make your bag as secure as possible.</p> <p>A unique interior feature of the Mother Lodes is that they're reconfigurable. Instead of just a single large compartment on the inside, we have movable shelves that allow you to customize how you want to pack your bag. What I like to do is pack heavier items down at the bottom of the bag like your dopp kit, or maybe your shoes, heavy things like that.</p> <p>To position the shelf, you just fold out these wings on this panel, secure them to the side and then you have all the benefits of distributing the weight across the bag instead of all the way down at the bottom.</p> <p>Depending on what you're packing, you may not want to have two compartments on the bag. On the Mother Lodes, we have the ability to turn it into a single large compartment bag. Roll up this divider, hold it in place with these little straps and then you have a single large compartment that allows you to put taller items like ski boots, helmets, whatever you're traveling with.</p> <p>Another great feature on the TLS series is that we've built in an expansion gusset for when you need a little more space for a little more volume. Just zip this around, you gain more room in the bag. And then, in addition, we've put compression straps on the bag, which allow you to cinch down to secure your contents.</p> <p>Handles and wheels are two of the most important features on any rolling piece. You want the handle to be tall enough and adjustable for the height of different travelers. You also want to be able to adjust it to find the right balance point when you're carrying another bag on the front.</p> <p>We have an add a bag strap that we've hidden in a zip away pocket. This will allow you to place a tote, a briefcase, whatever your other travel bag is and find the right balance point based on your height and the total weight of the bag.</p> <p>Wheels; very important that they're placed as far apart on the bag as possible. One thing that's important to us is we like bags to be quiet when they're rolling. We use a soft, polyurethane wheel that is also replaceable should you damage the wheel.</p> <p>Another special feature of our Mother Lode duffels is that the duffel stands upright when packed. This is not the case on all wheeled duffels. We accomplish this by using a fiberglass rod inserted in the front of the compartment. Take the fiberglass rods that are included with the bag, insert the tip, flex and slide it into the base. Now, we have a flexible rod, but the bag won't collapse.</p> <p>The Mother Lode TLS Wheeled Duffel - though, lightweight and strong.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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