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Get an up close and personal look at Titan Luggage including features, quality, benefits, and what sets it apart from other luggage brands.

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Titan Luggage is a German company founded by Thomas Wagner. In 1983, he decided to start his own company and he wanted to make that had the function, the style, the innovations that he wanted to see in luggage.

Even Titan Luggage that's black looks different because Titan makes luggage it's own way. We try to innovate design rather than follow design.

We have four wheel systems that are multi-directional. You can take them frontwards, backwards, sideways. They move so easily that it's almost effortless.

Titan Luggage is 100% pure virgin polycarbonate. Because of that, it makes the product super durable and super light.

Our insides are padded, lined, they have pockets, removable garment bags, toiletry cases, shoe bags, etc.

It's full featured if you want full feature. If you don't want full feature, you can remove a great deal of it and reduce the weight by about a pound.

We have Travel Century TSA locks on all of our trolleys and our business cases. And the zippers go inside it, so it protects the zippers from betting broken as many people have suffered over travel.

Titan Luggage is functionality, bold use of materials and colors and style.

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