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There’s a lot that didn’t go into these eBags Ultralight Packing Cubes – like as much weight and bulk as possible. Start with crazy strong lightweight siliconized Cordura® Nylon, add a new ultra-light zipper from YKK®, color-matched easy-to-grab corded zipper pulls that don’t sacrifice ease-of-use, and a full mesh top panel for complete visibility and ventilation. Lastly, we invented a totally new patent-pending spring-loaded mini framed design that holds its shape while you’re filling them up with all of your life essentials. It’s time to get packing! Staying organized while traveling is easy when you embrace the concept of packing cubes. Divide and Conquer. Socks or Underwear in small cubes, T-shirts in slim cubes, Shirts and Slacks in large cubes. Sharing your packing space with family? Everybody gets their own color. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these. Enjoy! Bernard Majeau – Director, Product Development
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