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My Core Control incorporates the highest quality, most advanced thermal electronic devices to externally generate heat and strategically position this thermal energy at the pulse point... See more
Length: 3:43

A lightweight, flex-fit backpack cover designed to fit all Timbuk2 backpacks. When not shielding your pack from a storm, the Pack Cover folds away in its dedicated stash pocket for easy compact storage. Shop Timbuk2 on eBags.com...
Length: 0:51

The Shagg Bag Accessory Case secures your phone and cards in a cozy zippered home. The main pocket is lined in luxurious faux fur and is designed to fit an iPhone 5 (size S) or Samsung... See more
Length: 0:49

We spoke with our classic bike Seat Pack and asked it to create a way better version of itself. The result is the Seat Pack XT. The XT has Timbuk2's signature wide-mouth opening for qu... See more
Length: 1:40

Paradox: when you're hitting the open road, you don't want anything weighing you down or throwing you off kilter. But the longer the trip, the more stuff you're going to need. Solution... See more
Length: 1:15

On a long, beautiful ride, the only things you want clinging to you are the smell of eucalyptus and a cool breeze. On the other hand, you're going to need your phone, keys later, and H... See more
Length: 1:02

Reach down and grab your goods. Now you don't even have to get off your bike to access your smartphone, wallet or slingshot. The Goody Box attaches right to your top tube and even stay... See more
Length: 1:07

Designed in collaboration with our friends and neighbors, the Mission Cycling Club, the Mission Cycling Wallet replaces the plastic baggy that houses many a cyclist's smartphone. Featu... See more
Length: 1:00

Designed for kinetic city life, the Rye rests comfortably on your shoulder, carrying exactly what you need, as you hop from place to place. Rugged waxed canvas and a chunky zipper are ... See more
Length: 0:47

Designed for kinetic city life, the Rye rests comfortably on your shoulder, carrying exactly what you need, as you hop from place to place. Rugged waxed canvas and a chunky zipper are ... See more
Length: 1:15

The Catapult is a mini-messenger for cycling with an iPad, a light layer, and a u-lock. Your beleaguered back pocket will thank you. Shop Timbuk2 on eBags.com...
Length: 1:31

Designed to be worn over the shoulder or cross body, the Timbuk2 Colby Cycling Shoulder Bag also has tuck-away straps for attaching to your handlebars for a smooth arrival or getaway. Shop Timbuk2 on eBags.com...
Length: 1:36

A briefcase may be your weekday reality, but it's hard to fit a six pack next to your laptop. The Octavia keeps it stylish and organized, but weekend friendly. Slip your laptop into it... See more
Length: 0:55

The Alemany Pannier solves the age-old problem of how to keep all of your fennel, French bread, and farm fresh eggs in good form on your ride home. To pack it out, simply slide your br... See more
Length: 1:23

Built for life and work in the city, the Manhattan Tote works with a dress and heels or jeans and boots. Rugged waxed canvas and chunky zippers are softened by leather trim to make for... See more
Length: 1:09

Whatever you're up to this weekend, the Alamo is the perfect companion. As a backpack, it's perfect for a bike ride or an afternoon at your favorite café. For quick access to your thi... See more
Length: 1:12

A well-deserved upgrade from that frumpy old tote you've been wearing to the farmer's market. Unlike your old unitasker, the Hyde makes organizing your purchases easy. Stash pockets ho... See more
Length: 0:55

Built for the city, the Walker Laptop Backpack easily transitions from public transit, to the office, to drinks while carrying and protecting your MacBook. Rugged waxed canvas, heavy d... See more
Length: 1:55

To the untrained eye, the Noe Pannier looks like a stylish, city-savvy backpack, but you know better. Underneath that feminine exterior is a bike-ready workhorse. The back stash pocket... See more
Length: 1:34

Built with the business traveler in mind, the Hudson Briefcase dresses up or down with ease and is designed to carry and protect both your MacBook and iPad. Rugged waxed canvas, heavy ... See more
Length: 2:07

Built for life and work in the city, the Proof Messenger works with a blazer or a hoody. Rugged waxed canvas, heavy duty zippers, and leather trims are tough as nails and get better wi... See more
Length: 2:28

A favorite among globetrotting Timbuk2 fans, the Copilot is lightweight and easy to pack. Its sleek new styling works downtown or way way out of town and its bike-inspired handle syste... See more
Length: 2:12

Packed on your back or rolled like a suitcase, the Aviator Wheeled Pack is a high capacity, expertly organized pack with sophisticated styling that works downtown or way way out of tow... See more
Length: 3:41

The older brother of our original Wingman, this updated Wingman has outgrown hostels. Its sleek new styling works downtown or way way out of town, but its tuck-away backpack straps are... See more
Length: 2:01

Don't be deceived by its minimalist good looks: the Especial Pannier means business. Every detail of its styling is secretly utilitarian. From its textured materials (completely waterp... See more
Length: 2:04

This pack was developed in collaboration with the Red Hook Crit, a fixed gear semi-pro bike race ridden on the city streets of Brooklyn, Milan, and Barcelona, at night, in the dark. Th... See more
Length: 1:08
Length: 5m54s

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